Back in N.Y.

I just got back home from our month long tour of “Midsummer”.  I miss it already.  When I first left on May 22, a month away from home seemed so long.  Now I can’t believe how quickly it went.  It was one of the best experiences of my life… and certainly THE BEST experience of my acting career.  As Michael Pauley so aptly put it on our final night of performance in Milan, “we performed in a Tuscan olive grove; we performed in one of the most beautiful theatres in Milan; we did the show for small audiences in Rome; we did it for over 300 on other nights”.  There were so many other things we experienced.  We rode bicycles; took trains; walked; took cabs; and took trams to get to and from rehearsals and performances.  We got lost sometimes; and other times we knew our neighborhoods so well that we felt like we were natives.  We went sight seeing; got tattoos; ate out at amazing restaurants; or stayed in and cooked and drank wine.  Wine, wine, wine… so much wine.  We always stayed up way too late, and got up way too early so that we wouldn’t miss any of the day.  Everyone was on the same tour, but everyone has their own personal version of it.  Some of you are still there, and I’m feeling separation anxiety from you.  We partied our closing night until 6:30 a.m at Gigio’s, and I had to leave for the airport at 7a.m., so I’m a little loopy and emotional right now… but the bottom line is that I loved working with you all.  We did something very special together.  (By the way, I’m writing this from my terrace while drinking a glass of wine, smoking a cig, and fighting with my internet to work.  It’s like I never left).  Until our next project.. “Farewell my hearts”. xoxo Nina


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