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Home Again, Home Again Jiggitty Jig

Right now, Robert and I are sitting in our apartment in New York, drinking (suddenly weak tasting) American coffee and biscotti from the wonderful L’Enoteca Marcucci in Pietrasanta.  We flew home from Milan yesterday with Nina and Loren. What an incredible trip!

Thank you, thank you to everyone!  Thank you, Celeste, Mike, Nina, Derick, Loren, Tristan, Laura  Montes, Steven, Laura Frye, Joe, Lamar, Kevin, Andrew! Thank you, Danilo Facco, our incredible lighting designer! Thank you, Roberto Santini! Thank you to the wonderful and generous Moratti family! Thank you, Teatro Patologico and Teatro Franco Parenti!

Thank you everyone for such an amazing experience.

Much Love, Nannette (Peter Quince/Peaseblossom)


Don’t Stick Your Fingers in Another Actor’s Mouth…

… unless you want to be bitten.

That is what I learned today.

Actors bite.

Especially when you stick your fingers where they do not belong.

And that actor is dressed like a lion.

I’ve also learned that its not enough to play with language. I’ve heard that there is no subtext in Shakespeare. Bull. A Midsummer Night’s Dream might have been written for an Elizabethan audience, but plays are not frozen in time. We’re modern American actors playing to a modern audience with their own shared experiences.


-Nannette (Quince)

Dear Bottom….

Dear Bottom,

I am really sorry that I jumped on you during rehearsal today.

My natural reaction to your returning to the stage, apparently, was to hurtle myself at you like a sweaty torpedo and make you carry me for the rest of your lines. Like an albatross. A shrieking albatross.

I really should have cleared this with you first. That was not cool. Mea culpa.

I am not a three year old child. And you are not a jungle gym.

Although you are quite sturdy and fun.

I promise not to make any more huge physical moves like that without warning you first and making sure that you’re okay with it.

However… Snug the Joiner? You my friend, are going down.

Love and Prologues,

Peter Quince

My Thighs Really Shouldn’t Hurt This Much…

Honestly, they shouldn’t.

I swore I was in better shape.


So we had our first movement rehearsal – the battle of the Amazons and the Athenians. It looked pretty darn cool, and I envy everyone’s physicality. Nina could probably take on anyone in the cast in a real fight. (I’m taking bets.)

Me, I’ll probably end up hitting myself in the face with a baton more than once before this is over.

I probably should have stretched more before the rehearsal, instead of gobbling the Easter bread I made last night at 11:00pm. Easter bread, by the way, is bread made with about a pound and a half of cheese baked into it. Delicious. Not so nutritious.

Nonetheless, I still cannot believe I get captured by Kevin Gilligan. Good Lord.