Fairy with an attitude!

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Untitled, a photo by A Midsummer on Flickr.

Sleeping Demetrius

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Untitled, a photo by A Midsummer on Flickr.

Performance Day at Forte Dei Marmi (June 3)


I’m sitting here about to go to bed, and reflecting on the past few days here in Forte de Marmei.  All I can say is… beach; wine; bicycles; tomatoes; mountains; yoga; laughter; pasta; music; dancing; and an amazing first day of rehearsal under the Tuscan sun.  Gosh, acting is HARD.

Ohhh What A Night!!!

Last night was our first rest day together! Wow, it was something else! Details coming soon!  In twenty minutes we will have our first rehearsal in Italy.

Pizza and San Lorenzo

One final night here in milano before the cast arrives. Derick had some more prep work to do before they all get here. As i write this they are flying over the atlantic on their way here.

Nina and i went with celeste to get some pizza. Tonight we are staying at celeste’s brother’s house- gigio. He lives in an apartment near the duomo pretty much near the center of the city, right next to the univeristy of milan. Right around the corner is a very old church. During the 1600’s there was a plague in milano, and the bones of the dead where used to make an alter in that church which still is there to this day.

Milano is fantastico at night. There arent alot of street lights and so the city is very dim at night. We walked along a narrow street with the road made up of smooth round stones. Celeste said to me, “you know that these roads are thousands of years old, darling…”.

It wasnt long before we found the small restaurant that celeste wanted to take us to. We started with an insalata pomodora. Cherry tomoatoes sliced and tossed in virgin olive oil. This was followed with a margharita pizza for me and for celeste. Nina ordered hers with fungi. It was perfecto. Of course i accompanied my pizza with a coca cola.

After we finished we took a walk over to celeste’s parents home to look at some of her instruments which we might want to add into the show. Celeste’s dad was fantastic, and told us he was looking forward to seeing us in forte dei marmi this week. As we headed out into the courtyard of her family apartment, celeste pointed out some paintings on the walls. She told us that they were painted by the students of leonardo davinci. We looked up into the night sky. Today milano is filled with too much smog to see much starlight, but celeste tells us that when she was young she would come out here and be awed by the flames of light in the nighttime sky… Candles burning out there in the universe. Celeste tells us that the sku of forte dei marmi will still hold this wonder at night.

We headed back to gigios place and celeste left us. I thought my evening was over when mino popped into our room. Mino is a friend of gigios who is also living here. We enjoyed dinner with gigio and several of his friends a few nights ago. Mino asked if i was interested in grabbing a quick beer with him and a group of friends at the columns of san lorenzo. I figured, why not. We jumped onto a vespa and cruised down the streets of milano.

We arrived a few minutes later at the columns of san lorenzo. They are from the time of caesar… Sixteen columns in front of the church of san lorenzo. There is a large square there and it is filled with young people in their early to mid twenties. Vendors stand with a cooler selling bottles of beer, and groups gather to sit in small circles playing cards, drinking beer, smoking, laughing. Mino tells me that there is something amazing about the columns of san lorenzo. They were put in place centuries ago for people to gather, to discuss, to do business, to meet one another. Today that tradition is carried on every thursday, friday, and saturday night. You can feel that this is a place of tradition and celebration.

We quickly found minos friends and sat down to enjoy some beer and conversation. One of minos friends, marcus, had just returned to milano from a trip to the americas, where he visited new york, montreal, toronto, las vegas, and san fransisco. The guys quickly got started talking in italian, and i sat back and enjoyed the energy of the place. Parlo un poko italiano, so i wasnt able to participate much. A few friends left, a few new ones came. One of the girls asked me where i was from, and she was very excited to hear i was from new york. After i told her i was here to do a show, she asked if i could do a scene for her. Mino, acting as a translator, laughed at this one he told me, but i was happy to oblige and give her a few lines of romeos from the balcony scene. I told her she had to come to the show in june, and i have set mino with the task of making sure she gets the invitation. After another short vespa ride we got back to gigios place. I am looking back on what has been a very surreal night. Tonight i walked along roads that are thousands of years old, i saw paintings drawn by the hand of leonardo davincis students, and only an hour ago i was soeaking shakespeare to a beautiful girl who hardly speaks english beneath the ancient columns of san lorenzo… It has been a good night in italy.